The design of the Solarwise fully engineered solar pool heating system will provide significant savings in the running costs of the existing gas heating system. Solarwise solar pool heating will also provide a long term sustainable and reliable method of solar pool heating as we embrace Australian standards, diligent work practises, correct system sizing and design relative to commercial solar pool heating systems.

Pool Heating

Zydox® is a complex mixture of oxychlorine compounds which are able to release chlorine dioxide in solution. It is a colourless, minimally corrosive product with a very mild ozone/chlorine like odour which, being biodegradable, has many safety attributes over traditional chlorine disinfectants.



We recommend, sell & service the Dolphin range of professional automatic pool cleaners from Maytronics as well as the robust Hammerhead manual pool cleaner.

Pool Cleaners


Solarwise NSW Dolphin Tech are the original Maytronics Master Dealer, QIS Energy Solarwise Distributor in Australia for the Commercial Aquatic Industry.

We specialise in sales, parts and ‘onsite’ or ‘in house’ technical support and servicing, with mobile service units on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Dolphin commercial pool cleaners are known for being user friendly, robust, long serving units and combined with Dolphin Tech mobile service support, the commercial pool operator has the comfort of a non stop technical support service and NIL down time from the Maytronics – Dolphin product.

QIS Solarwise have been manufacturing and supplying commercial swimming pool heating solutions for over 30 years throughout Australia and we are most proud of our commercial distribution agreement with this long serving manufacturer of thermal pool cover systems, solar pool heating and commercial pool heat pumps. 


Via our extensive website here, you can find solutions for ALL your commercial aquatics requirements along with our ability to design, manufacture and install ‘one off’ special needs equipment.


Please enjoy the Solarwise NSW / Dolphin Tech experience and ‘after sales’ product support that you, the commercial pool operator, so vehemently require!


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