Pool Blankets

Solarwise NSW can help you with high quality custom made pool blankets for any size or shape pool.  

Pool blankets conserve energy by insulating the pool water from colder external temperatures during times when a pool is not used.  They also help prevent debris from entering the pool while they are in place.

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Pool Blanket Storage

We can custom make high quality pool blanket storage for you.  Constructed from stainless steel with and clad with attractive wood panelling. our blanket storage devices have a long service life while maintaining their professional and stylish looks.

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Pool Blanket Butler

Our battery powered mobile pool blanket winders make the extraction of even Olympic size pool blankets a one person operation.  The output shaft on our 'Pool Butlers' is height adjustable to allow use with different height reels often encountered at commercial pools.

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Lane Ropes

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