Zydox - Staff Training

Zydox is a stabilised chlorine dioxide and has been used in the USA and Europe for over 20 years to treat drinking water and swimming pools for Cryptosporidium and Giardia contamination.

It also has a number of other uses at various concentration levels:

  • as a food safe sanitiser

  • in the mushroom industry to treat bacterial blotch

  • in the seafood and meat processing industries to control bacteria

  • in the poultry industry to control upper respiratory fungal infection

  • in the dental industry as a mouthwash

  • it has many other uses including the treatment of mould and odours

Zydox is supplied at 40,000 parts per million (ppm) and is diluted to agreed concentration levels depending on the particular application.

How does it work?

It is a Biocide. Chlorine dioxide, the active agent in Zydox, is an oxidant with 250% higher oxidising capacity than chlorine.

UNLIKE chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not react with organics to produce chlorinated compounds. It works by interfering with the metabolism of micro organisms which means it is not possible for them to mutate or build resistance. Zydox is regarded as non-hazardous.


The activator is basically a combination of potassium and acids. It is specially formulated to activate the stabilised chlorine dioxide. Regarded as hazardous according to Worksafe Australia. Classified as dangerous goods for transportation (Australian Dangerous Goods Code)



Recommended minimum dose is 500 mls per 100,000 litres of pool water.


  1. Dilute Zydox with water – approximately 14:1

  1. Add recommended volume of activator (75 grams per litre of Zydox).

  1. Cover loosely, leave stand for approximately 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.


NEVER add activator to undiluted Zydox.


See specific Dosing Chart for each pool.



Once the activator has been added to the diluted Zydox, the liquid will turn yellow and will commence to “gas off”.



Stabilised chlorine dioxide (Zydox) is a strong oxidising agent (removes electrons from the other substance).

DRA 2 Activator is a highly reactive oxidising chlorine compound.

Skin Protection

  • Clean body covering protection (suggest an apron) – Zydox is a strong bleach.

  • Neoprene (rubber) work gloves.

Eye Protection

  • Safety glasses/face shield.

Respiratory Protection

  • No respiratory protection required under normal use. However, there may be circumstances where the use of a mask is appropriate.


Storage – Zydox

  • Store in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight.

  • Do not store with flammable liquids, cyanides, acids, etc.

  • Do not store drums more than 2 high.

  • Do not allow Zydox to dry on cloth due to danger of fire from oxidation.

Storage – DRA 2 Activator

  • Store away from Zydox.

  • Do not store with other acids or oxidising agents.

  • Do not add water to this product.

ALWAYS add the activator to WATER.


Persons Affected – Zydox and Activator

Ingested – DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Promptly drink a large volume of water. See a doctor.

Eyes – Flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor.

Skin – Wash affected areas with soap and water for at least 15 minutes.

Inhalation – Remove victim to fresh air.


Zydox Spills

Large Spills – Prevent contact with any oxidiser/acid.

Contain liquid and remove if possible.

Flush area with water after liquid is removed.


Small Spills – Flush with water.

DRA 2 Activator Spills

  • In case of fire only, large quantities of water should be used as an extinguishing agent.

  • A small amount of water allows the product to decompose releasing toxic chlorine gas.

  • If you spill the liquid mix, try to contain with soil or sand and recover material into mild steel drums – refer to State Land Waste Management Authority.

  • Prevent liquid from entering storm water drains.

  1. Zydox 4%

  1. Zychem Activator Powder


Please note the following:

  • First Aid Measures

  • Fire Fighting Measures

  • Accidental Release Measures

  • Handling and Storage

  • Exposure Control/Personal Protection